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Matrices, Vectors, Quaternions and CryEngine 3

This article will introduce you to matrices, vectors and quaternions and how you can use them for programming games using the CryEngine SDK. You will only need a basic understanding of mathematics, beginner level c++ and a general knowledge of the CryEngine SDK; in particular, the gamesdk.dll code which is written in c++. Example code will be taken … Continue reading Matrices, Vectors, Quaternions and CryEngine 3


Introducing CryEngine 3 Event Listeners

In this article I will introduce you to event handling within CryEngine 3 and give a brief overview of the many listeners you can utilise within your project. Learning the CryEngine code can be daunting at first. It's large, non-trivial and complex. Approximately 220,000 lines of C++ are provided with the CryEngine FreeSDK, and much … Continue reading Introducing CryEngine 3 Event Listeners