Overcoming Inertia


By Ivan Hawkes
January 18, 2013


A few weeks have passed with very little development occurring. I have hit that most dangerous of problems, the lack of inertia.

I’m not going to try and justify mine with reasons, since they simply don’t apply. Certainly there are factors that are slowing me down, but in the end, there are still many things I can do - I simply have to overcome that inertia.

It’s an age old struggle for me, one I’ve won plenty of times, and lost quite a few more times.

My only advice should you hit that point is to grit your teeth and sit down at the computer and take on a task - any task, it doesn’t matter. See that through to the end then select the next task. I usually find once I have started that it’s easy and I enjoy it; the hard part is getting that start each time.

That said, it’s times to grit my teeth and complete the next task - merging a bunch of CSG objects together with a broken tool.

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