CryEngine3 and UDK3


By Ivan Hawkes
November 11, 2012


I’ve been playing games for over 30 years now and I’ve seen them progress from simple text based games through all the iterations to give us the amazing looking games we have today. I have at times written my own games; most were very simple - due to the nature of the machines at the time.

By the time the PC came along I was too busy writing business software and the games were getting too complex for a simple person to build in a reasonable time-frame.

That’s been slowly changing over the years and lately I found myself wondering just how far I could get if I were to try out the latest toolsets for making 3D software. I pulled down a copy of UDK and played with it for a few days but found myself agonising over the idea that I hadn’t tried CryEngine 3; I mean, what if it was better or faster or had a good workflow. I had to try it, so I pulled that down too. After a week of obsessive toying CryEngine 3 came out on top, though no doubt UDK 4 will close the gap again.

Now…what to build with it?

My thoughts are grand, but I know I need to start as humble as I can to build up skills and resources. I’ve decided on building a simple PVP map. By simple, I mean simple gameplay but within a lush environment.

I have played WSG in WoW more times than I care to remember and while the map flow is pretty decent everything else about it is low grade.

  • it lacks any atmosphere
  • the environment is mostly bare ground and a few low poly models
  • character models are woeful looking
  • effects are meh
  • years after release it still has a flickering texture on the Horde side entrance wall
  • it’s the same boring symmetrical design they usually trot out for multi-player

I’m looking at making a CTF game that has the same basic gameplay style, pace, and a map that flows well and provides for tactical play. On top of that it needs to look lush, provide different times of day for game play to spice things up, and perhaps weather.

It’s a good first step I believe.

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