Spring 2021 - Time to Try Again

By Ivan Hawkes
November 9, 2021

Here’s some sobering images of the refugees from the Devastation of Smaug. See how they huddle together for protection.

Busy week trying to get my garden back into use. I had 3 raised beds (2m sq. each) but only one had soil in it. Meanwhile, the stuff in my main garden area had taken a huge series of hits from the drought and the bush turkey who dug up all the soil and made it into his love nest.

I dug all the near-dead lemongrass plants out the main garden and raided the nest for enough soil to fill a new garden bed. I was hoping for a dozen or so but managed to rescue about 50 viable plants.

Then I bought more and bigger pots and re-potted most the trees, including ones that were in the ground. I’m going to give them a lovely easy summer in pots before trying to plant them again.

Next up, expand. I raided the turkey nest again, circle of life mother-plucker! This time I got the third bed back into use. It’s seeded with coriander, Thai basil, garlic chives, various chillies, and Thai aubergines.

Final round, I bought one more garden bed and performed one last daring raid on the nest. This time to plant some seedlings which will help me jump start my late planting efforts. Five more sorts of chilli, Thai

Basil, and a couple of other herbs. I sprinkled the whole bed with garlic chives and spring onions to make use of inter-planting space.

Bonus round! Hit that nest once more and grabbed another wheelbarrow load. Potted up an avocado, cinnamon, miracle fruit, two kaffir limes, Vietnamese mint and regular mint. I just need to go to the shop now and grab a few large hands of ginger to plant and I have my herbs sorted for the Spring.

And yes, curry is on the menu, so much curry.

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