Mr Gobbles the Bush Turkey


By Ivan Hawkes
October 14, 2016


Mr Gobbles is getting laid! A bush turkey has been coming around here for a few weeks. He initially came about 8 months back, but after my brother’s imbecile dog chased him off we didn’t see him again for several months.

I’ve been slowly gaining his trust and have been able to hand feed him at times.

He’s been super-busy the last 3 week making an insanely large nest from all the loose leaf matter on the ground. Bush turkeys do this for one reason, a reason most males are able to relate to…getting laid.

He’s trying to attract as many female mates as he can and get them to lay their eggs in his nest, which he will then take care of for the next x months.

Mum spotted a female a few days ago, so I guess our boy has game, since I just spotted him with another this morning. I wanted a shot of both of them, but it’s hard to get mid-coitus, so here’s a shot of the female on the enormous nest he built for her…and her sister, her hot friend, and really any hottie that comes near him.

It’s hard to judge the scale in this photo, but that nest is about 4M across, 1m deep, and contains almost every scrap of leaf material in a 50m radius. He literally scrapped the land clean of all the loose material in order to make it. He does a better job than our gardener (me).

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