Getting Through the "to-do" List


By Ivan Hawkes
June 28, 2018


The “to-do” list I’ve been using is getting a little shorter every couple of days.

I’ve taken a bland looking sheet(s) of particle board and made a lovely new nesting box for two of my girls. I even made a privacy partition to keep them apart. NOTE: I had to remove it later, they didn’t share the space well with it in place. They still squawk over laying rights most days.

There’s actually three nesting boxes in the coop we bought for them, but two of the chickens have stopped laying there and were doing it in an empty pet carrier box. I made them this as a replacement and it’s in position tonight - so I’ll know if they like it tomorrow.

Total cost was about AUD $28 for two 1800mm x 450mm lengths of particle board. I cut it all using a circular saw then glued and screwed it together. A part of me wants to paint it and decorate it, but I’m art challenged, so it’s staying like it is.

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