Garage Garden Update


By Ivan Hawkes
October 13, 2018


Remember those pictures I posted of a dirty hole, subsequently filled with logs, sticks, and covered in hay?

This is that hole a few months later, as the plants are starting to come into Spring.

I planted:

  • peppers
  • chilli
  • coriander
  • sage
  • aubergine
  • vietnamese mint
  • basil
  • silverbeet

There’s also a mystery plant whose species I have forgotten. Need to wait till it fruits or is bigger to remember what it was.

Total cost for this bed was:

  • a couple of hours of hard digging
  • some time with the chainsaw and a tree we had to drop earlier
  • one and a half bales of hay - roughly $18 AUD

It’s right outside the door, so every time I step out there now, instead of a dead pile of dirt I see my lovely new garden, yay!

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