First Crack at Garlic


By Ivan Hawkes
April 7, 2018


I decided to solve two of my problems at once. First, what to do with all the empty Coke bottles I have. Second, how to make sure I have garlic at all times without having to constantly buy it.

I took 32 garlic cloves and stuffed them into a seed sprouting tray with some horse manure. About 20 of them sprouted, and I’ve re-potted those into re-purposed Coke bottles filled with more horse manure.

Mum loves her sweet potato, and so do I, but it’s sometimes hard to get the purple ones. Solution, buy some, cut them in half, suspend in water till they grow “slips”. Take the slips and put them into water till they get a root system, then plant that into pots.

I have some potato bags I bought dirt cheap from China, so in a few weeks I’ll move them to the bags and see how they grow.

Total cost, about AUD $4 worth of garlic, one seed tray (comes in pack of 10) for maybe AUD 70 cents, and a couple of bucks worth of sweet potatoes. The horse manure I am getting delivered here for $4 a bag, and that took about 1/10th of a bag - so…

…let’s call it AUD $10 all up.

Hopefully, in a couple of months I will have some lovely garlic and sweet potatoes. I’ve already got some regular potatoes growing which I saved from rotting (you know how they sprout roots and go bad if left in the cupboard too long). I have two viable plants from that - so this might be the first year I eat my own home grown potatoes. Huzzah!

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