Finishing the Earthworks


By Ivan Hawkes
February 22, 2019


We finished the earthworks today. The back yard has been reshaped a little (no photos) but the main work was filling in the trenches we dug and then mounding the contents of the two bush turkey nests on top of that.

I still need to run over it with a rake and shape it the way I want, but it’s basically all in place now.

You can’t see the fence post holes we had drilled into the ground with a massive auger, but they are done now as well. A couple of days rest and I’ll be filling those holes in with dirt and pounding it down with a sledgehammer.

Then it’s a simple matter of spacing out the trees, digging a nice little hole on top of the mound for them, and popping them into place.

Irrigation will be the next challenge for that area. Water is life!

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