A few years ago, through unavoidable circumstances, I found myself suddenly and irreversibly time rich and cash poor. This website strives to document my attempts at finding a better way to live when forced into these circumstances.

I am situated on a piece of family land, in the mild sub-tropical climate of South East Queensland, Australia. The ground is steep, and fairly barren of topsoil and plants. It is my intention to slowly transform the land using regenerative agriculture and permaculture.

It promises to be a long journey, but one that will ensure a better future for my nieces. I can’t undo or even slow the endless onslaught of consumerism that is destroying this world, but I can make one place a little more tolerable for the next generation.

My Core Values

I strive to uphold a set of core values.


Use meditation and be in the moment. Live life with the concentration and awareness it deserves.


Use earthworks to change the face of the land, slowing the flow of water and allowing it to penetrate the soil.


Preserve the best of everything that is presently here. Be smart about selecting which existing parts are beneficial and which could be improved or should be replaced.


Use regenerative techniques to improve the nature of the land. Bring in new elements that will enrich both the soil and harvests. Nourish the spirit through connection to nature. Compost more.


Invest in the things that really matter. Turn finances primarily towards the purchase of trees, shrubs, bushes and seeds. Purchase tools and build structures that allow us to multiply our efforts at regeneration. Be thrifty and resourceful.


Learn and apply propagation techniques to multiply the amount of plants we have available. Save seed, take cuttings, divide roots. Always plan at least two seasons ahead.


Learn about ways to preserve food, brew beer, and be more self sufficient. Reduce wastage. Re-use containers and stop energy wastage from shipping, storing and displaying foodstuffs. Avoid the myth of recycling by not consuming to begin with. Become closer to the produce we consume.


Find ways to reduce our dependance on corporations and governments. Improve community bonds. Share with neighboors and friends. Reduce reliance on the cash economy.