Switching to CRYENGINE 5.3 New Entity System

In this article I will cover the changes I made to Chrysalis for the release of CRYENGINE 5.3. Some were required due to old code being deprecated, others were simply improvements over the previous way of doing things. A lot

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First Person and Action RPG Cameras

Camera Management in CRYENGINE In this article I will introduce you to view management within CRYENGINE and then use the existing view management to build a camera manager, a first person camera and a third person orbit camera (action RPG

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Controlling an Animated Character in CRYENGINE using C++

Making an animated character move around the screen in CRYENGINE requires many thousands of lines of code and a lot of time and dedication. This series of articles will show you how to control a character animated in CRYENGINE Mannequin

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CRYENGINE 3.7 Source Control and Perforce

In this article I will try to cover the issue of source control, particularly for a CRYENGINE 3.7 project. I will touch on what it is, why you need it, and briefly on how to implement a decent source control

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CRYENGINE Flowgraphs – Blacklists and Substitutions

A short introduction to using blacklists and substitutions on CRYENGINE Flowgraph Nodes.

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MediaWiki on the Beaglebone Black

There’s been a lot of excitement over the past 2 years regarding the Raspberry Pi. The Pi is a wonderful piece of hardware / software with a great community behind it. I’m definitely a fan and would happily recommend one

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Matrices, Vectors, Quaternions and CryEngine 3

This article will introduce you to matrices, vectors and quaternions and how you can use them for programming games using the CryEngine SDK. You will only need a basic understanding of mathematics, beginner level c++ and a general knowledge of the CryEngine

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