Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Goong soup is one of the most well known dishes in Thai cuisine, and in this recipes you’ll learn to make the authentic Thai street food style version. There are 2 different types of tom yum, the clear version and the creamy version, and there’s directions on how to make both types. Enjoy this recipe for tom yum. Ingredients Quantity Measure Ingredient 2 litres water 4 stalks lemongrass 1 inch galangal 10 kaffir lime leaves 10 thai chilies 5 cloves garlic 500 grams prawns 300 grams oyster mushrooms 2 roma tomatoes 2 white onions (medium sized) 2 teaspoons of sugar 8 - 12 tbs fish sauce (depending on your taste) 8 - 12 tbs lime juice (10 - 15 limes) 1 handful coriandor Creamy tom yum version Quantity Measure Ingredient 3 tbs canned Thai roasted chili sauce (nam prik pao) 10 tbs evaporated milk Taste test, you may need to add more lime juice or fish sauce as the milk and roasted chili sauce throws off the sourness and saltiness. Read More >>